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AENC Going Green

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Show me the Money

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Ask the Right Questions

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The 6th Reason

why most affinity programs don't work . . . >>

Buzogany Associates

Maximize your Revenue Potential

Buzogany Associates helps companies do more with less by planning and executing complex aspects of your business strategy while minimizing your expense and exposure. With our proven services, we allow you to achieve your business goals and improve bottom-line performance without the hassle and cost of hiring, training and oversight.

Make Your Organization More Profitable

Whether serving as a resource for your staff or handling an outsourced project, we have the expertise to assist you. We understand the challenges you face each day and we’re here to help you conquer the obstacles to make your organization more profitable.

Optimize your Initiative Spending

Our services are customized to the unique needs of your business. We can help you to optimize your spending and get the most for your strategic marketing dollars.

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